Ultimate Guide on Finding Cheap Flights

We get a lot of emails from our subscribers asking for advice on booking and finding cheap flights. To answer all of your questions we have created this ultimate guide on finding cheap flights across and within Australia.

Be sure to be very flexible when choosing your next destination

The most common approach of getting a flight is picking where you want to go, picking dates, seeing what prices are available. Most of the time it results in high prices. Instead what you should do when your main goal is finding a cheap flights is:

  1. Check the prices onĀ Google Flights, Momondo
  2. Decide which cheap destination is for you
  3. Choose the dates you like that travel on

Remember to be flexible with where and when you want to travel and always search for more than one date. For that you can use Google Flights calendar to see cheap fares for more than a month, sometimes switching the dares by even few days could cut your flight price even in half.

The cheapest time to fly in Australia

Usually the cheapest time of the year to fly is June through August and the most expensive is to fly on peak of the summer December through June, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Of course it varies a lot for specific destinations.

When is the best time to book cheap flights for you?

We recommend to book a great fare 1 to 3 months in advance for domestic flights and 2 to 8 months in advance for international flights. If you are travelling for peak of summer add few months to these recommendations and on colder seasons more likely that cheap fares will occur closer to departure dates. But don’t go too close as prices can jump up closer to departure dates.

Found a great fare and wonder how long will it last?

Great fares don’t last long, simple as that. In general you shouldn’t expect most great fares to last longer than a few days.

What are the cheapest days to travel in Australia?

Best times to fly are on Tuesday or Wednesday. Prices usually peak on Friday and Sunday evenings, Monday mornings. Try to aim for Tuesday and Wednesday as they are least popular days due to them being in the middle of the working week days

Where should you search for flights from and within Australia?

Our favorites are Google Flights, Momondo, Expedia and SkyScanner.

Should you try to get flight deal at the last minute?

We don’t recommend on doing that as on the last week or somewhere near that before the flight prices tend to skyrocket. This was possible to do some time ago as airlines slashed prices to fill unsold seats, but nowadays airlines make the prices higher last minute by knowing that there are a lot of business travelers who can’t make plans until the last minute and can pay more.