How to Use Momondo to Find Cheap Flights

First of all, what is Momondo? It is said that Momondo is one of the best cheap flight search engines. Millions of people use it daily to find best possible fares.

Why Momondo is useful?

  • Instead of scrolling through variety of online travel agencies by checking them one by one you can simply search them all with Momondo. Definitely more easier and quicker solution than doing it all by yourself.
  • Finds the best and cheapest fares out there. Momondo searches through lots of online travel agencies that you have never known about before.

Some difficulties with Momondo:

  • You can’t search for deals in whole, you have to pick a specific date and then Momondo makes its magic and finds the cheapest fare for that certain date. You can’t compare prices for the next week or month.
  • Only one destination city could or airport could be searched at a time, not multiple.

How should you use Momondo:

One of the best practices when searching for cheap flights is to start your search over on Google Flights. Find your preferable route and date, compare prices to other dates, choose your date and then go over to Momondo to check whether the prices on Momondo are cheaper on that particular dates.

Lets do a quick example, you start at Google Flights and you find that one certain route and price to be convenient for you and for someone with who you are travelling:

Google Flights search

Go over to Momondo and enter exact route and dates as in were in the Google Flights:

Momondo search

Well, Momondo found exact same deal but a little bit cheaper:

Momondo search results

‍You would ask why sometimes prices in Momondo could be cheaper? Well in this case Google Flights fare is sols directly by United while the same deal on Momondo is sold by Bargainairticket. These small online travel agencies get better deals from providers (in this case United) and sell them just with a small profit.

If you want more information on that deal click on “DETAILS” in the lower left corner. Maybe you wish to book this flight with other travel agency then you should simply click on “PRICES” and then you can see for how much this deal is sold by other online travel agencies.

To sum up, use Google Flights to choose your route and cheapest dates or dates in general. Open new tab and go over on Momondo, search for same exact route and dates, compare. Most of the time you are going to find fantastic deals even cheaper then they seem at first.