How to Use Google Flights to Find Cheap Flights

Google Flights is absolutely one of the best flight search engines that you can find on the internet. With this guide we will try to help you get the most by searching for cheap flights over Google Flights.

Google Flights advantages

  • It is mega fast, we don’t think that there is faster flight engine around the internet that displays months or even years of fares in just a few seconds.
  • With its calendar you can view the cheapest fare over the next 12 months.
  • With Google Flights you can search for cheapest fare between several origin and destination airports.

Google Flights disadvantages

  • Google Flights works best for searching fares that are being sold directly by the airlines and only some of the top online travel agencies, so you can’t always find the lowest fares on Google Flights.
  • Mistake fares are usually found only on smaller online travel agencies, you won’t find many on Google Flights.

How to use Google Flights

On the homepage type in where you want to fly from and where, choose your dates.

Google Flights how to select departure and arrival airports cities

Remember that you can put more than one origin and destination airport. For example if you are thinking about travelling to Europe, but don’t know exactly to which city then you can input multiple ones separated by commas.

Google Flights calendar view

When you’ve checked the calendar and choose the cheapest dates that do work for you you will see some possible flights to choose from.

Google Flight search results

How to book with Google Flights

When you’ve decided on a good departure flights simply choose it by clicking on it. Then you will be asked to choose a return flights if you are booking a round trip of course.

 Google Flights how to book flights

When you choose your return flight you’ll be taken to your booking options.

Google Flights booking flights

‍Choose to book with one of the airlines and you will be taken to their checkout page.

Google Flights map view

One of the great features of Google Flights is the possibility to look up the map and see the cheapest flights across entire country or even a region. Simply click on the three lines in the upper right corner and select “Explore Map”. Zoom in on the map to see more fares.

Google Flights map view

This map only shows prices of specific dates that you have entered. If you wish to explore more dates and find cheapest fares on any date then click the dates and then “Flexible dates”.

Google Flights flexible dates

Google Flights additional options

There are even more great features on Google Flights, you can use filters to adjust your preferences like number of stops, layover duration, flight times, airlines, total flight lengths and more.

Google Flights filter results