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Taylor D.

This is a great way to stay updated on flight deals without having to do any research!

Wollongong, New South Wales

Vinh P.

Booked! First Japan, then Hawaii, now China. All thanks to Koala Flights.
This is one of the best services around.

Townsville, Queensland

Craig M.

YOU DID IT! 2 hours after I emailed you, what pops into my inbox? Thailand!!!

Bendigo, Victoria

Brian Fulda

Suuuuper excited to be heading back to one of my favorite places, the Big Island of Hawaii, in a few weeks! I found a round trip flight from SF for $197 thanks to @koalaflights.

Sydney, New South Wales

Christina F.

I’ll admit I was skeptical but this is amazing and definitely worth the $39 paid subscription.

Melbourne, Victoria

Eleanor T.

This service is fantastic. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I have personally brought my whole family to Hawaii for $350 per person, and twice now been round trip to Europe for cheaper than getting back to Texas to see family.

Tiago Forte

I think you can capture about 75% of the benefits of travel hacking by subscribing to @koalaflights for $39.

Adelaide, South Australia

Lindsay K.

Just joined and already booked our flight to Australia for $750 round trip. We never would have thought to travel there, but Koala’s deal made it a no-brainer.

Sydney B.

I have always wanted to see the world, but flight cost has long been an issue. Not any more!

Sydney, New South Wales

Jake Loesch

Semi-regular reminder that @koalaflights is THE single best place for travel deals. Signup + pay for premium subscrip. You won’t regret!

Melbourne, Victoria

Maya Prohovnik

I splurged a few days ago on the premium version of @koalaflights and I’m already pretty sure it’s the best thing I’ve ever purchased.

Sydney, New South Wales

Jeeves Williams

Daily reminder that @koalaflights is the greatest gift budget travelers have ever been blessed with 🙏

Perth, Western Australia

Peter H.

Just joined and already booked our flight to Europe for $750 round trip. We never would have thought to travel there, but KoalaFlights deal made it simple to commit.

Brisbane - Paris

Allison T.

I wasn’t sure about paying for premium at first. But for sure it is completely worth it! It literally pays for itself. If you’re on the fence about paying for Premium, come on over, our family already had over 10 trips with KoalaFlights Premium feature.

Sydney - South India

Mark B.

The premium service paid for itself 100x already! I just saved $1000+ for a trip to San Francisco! If you’re looking to go somewhere but don’t know where, this is a great option.

Melbourne - San Francisco

John P.

Fantastic deal to Luang Prabang, me and my wife always wanted to explore Laos and we finally did it! Thank you KoalaFlights for this opportunity.

Sydney - Luang Prabang

Jessica B.

$864 for flight to Amsterdam?! Count me in! Wonderful journey and cookies.

Adelaide - Amsterdam

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